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İNDÜKSAN IGBT Induction Heating Systems

CE certificated, %100 domestic design and production:

  • Brazing and Welding Systems
  • Surface Hardening Systems
  • Tunnel Type Forging Induction Systems
  • Wrought Iron Heating Induction Systems
  • General Purpose Induction Systems
  • Variable and dual frequency special heating systems
  • Heating solutions for copper, bronze, iron, steel, stainless and special alloys
  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 head heating solutions with different frequencies and Powers at the same time from a single power unit.

The heating devices offered for sale by İNDÜKSAN have the following features:

  • Operating frequency monitors continuous resonance for highest generator efficiency and system durability.
  • All controls are controlled via touch color screen PLC unit.
  • There are overcurrent, missing phase, protection of output semiconductor materials, water winter cut and over temperature protections.
  • The latest generation IGBT technology is used in the output power circuit.
  • Adjusted and expended power is continuously monitored in real time with the appropriate PID algorithm.
  • It is easy to service with standardized electronic cards and circuit elements. No spare parts shortage.
  • Easy to use with user friendly control software.
  • Compatible with production line automations with optional external control connections.
  • Replacing the heating coil is straight forward. It can be easily done by the machine operator.


*İNDÜKSAN, is a trademark of 5M INDUCTION SYSTEMS.

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